• - True Constituent Intelligence
    - Reports + Insights
    - Enhance, Not Replace
    - Engage Everywhere

Create a Segment of One.

Understand + Reach your Constituents.

Our mission at Cause.it is to design personalized campaign experiences to not only understand the affinity interests of existing constituents, but also find, engage, and understand new and lost constituents as well.

True Constituent Intelligence

The noise from various communications and asks is overwhelming your constituents. Understand their affinities in order to best engage them.

Reports + Insights

Not only discovering affinity information, Cause.it gives you insight into new mediums through which to connect with your constituents.

Enhance, not Replace.

No time intensive or expensive conversion necessary. We work with your existing management solutions in order to enhance your records, not move them.

Engage them Everywhere.

Desktop emails are a thing of the past. We build campaigns for you to reach your alumni on multiple devices and platforms as well as multiple mediums.

Why Cause.it?

We want to provide the latest tools online and on mobile for you to understand and engage your donors on a personal level like never before.

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The Cause.it Process

Your organization is busy doing great things. We get that. At Cause.it, we have a simple project process that allows us to both have a highly personal and custom relationship with clients while also making life easy for our clients.

Sit-down + Brainstorm

Create goals + develop a campaign experience with you for you.

Receive Data + Finalize Campaign

Here we receive and clean your constituent data to get ready to send.

Execute Campaign

Once everything is finalized, we take care of co-ordinating deployment to constituents.

Reports + Recommendations

We return raw data as well as sit down to share insights and provide recommendations.

What Our Customers Think

“Cause.it's university affnity tool helps us understand our alumni interests so that we can connect and engage our audience, build participating and shorten the donor life cycle”.Elizabeth Blevins - Indiana University

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